Going Dropless!!!

We are not using eye drops for most of our patients anymore for the post-operative care of their cataract surgery.


Convenient and Cost-Saving!

Advanced Technology IOLs (ATIOLs)

These lenses are what we put inside the eye when you’re having cataract surgery.

There are many, many design available right now.

Some help with astigmatism and some are like getting bifocals permanently inside your eye.

Several tests need to be performed to see if you’re a candidate for such lenses.

Examples of these lenses include PANOPTIX, SYMFONY, and TECNIS.


A lot of people have glaucoma and cataracts.

We either use an iStent or a procedure called a goniotomy during your cataract surgery to help reduce the outflow problem at the trabecular meshwork of your eye.

One surgery = Two Procedures.

We have added the IRIDEX laser as an additional procedure for our glaucoma patients.  This laser is used in the operating room unlike the SLT laser.

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

We ARE NOT using laser-assisted cataract surgery.

We have brought in –and returned–this technology into our surgical center and are not comfortable at this point recommending it to our patients.

Visian ICL

We’re doing them!  If you’re not able to get LASIK/PRK, you may be a candidate.  Talk to your doctor about it then call.