Ophthalmic Associates is a collection of companies managed by a team of C-Suite employees, administrators, directors, managers, and consultants.  This team is tasked with providing an efficient and effective ophthalmology healthcare system for our patients and staff while navigating the private and public legislative, executive, and judicial system in which that system must operate.

  • Richard C. Cosgrove is the CEO of Ophthalmic Associates PC, Main Street ASC, OA Leasing LLC.
  • Melissa T. Barlam is the Administrator of Main Street ASC and the Director of Surgical Services at Ophthalmic Associates PC
  • Leah M. Stevens is the Director of Optical Services.
  • Deborah L. Boyer is the Director of Medical Services.
  • Melinda Downer is the Accounts Manager.
  • Kellie Watkins is the Surgical Services Manager.
  • Andrew J. Bezek, Jr. is Consultant to Main Street ASC.

Richard C. Cosgrove

Melissa T. Barlam

Leah M. Stevens

Deborah L. Boyer

Melinda Downer

Kellie Watkins

Andrew J. Bezek, Jr.