Cataract Service

We are your cataract surgery specialists in west central Pennsylvania.

Drs. Brozetti, Bezek, and Arlow have performed tens of thousands of cataract surgeries at our surgical center and surrounding hospitals, providing high-quality and efficient outcomes for our patients.

We are proud of the technology that we bring to our patients.  We use devices which bring precision to the data:

Before surgery like IOLmaster, OCT, HVF, and ORBSCAN.

During, we use CENTURION phacoemulsification systems (with backup), all available ATIOLS (e.g. Restor/Symfony, etc.) and goniotomy/iSTENTS.  Our anesthesia is first rate!

After, we use DROPLESS technology so you don’t need to pay for or worry about putting in eyedrops after your surgery.

We hope to see you soon!